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Our Journeys


Why plan with us?

We can help you fine tune your own ideas and wishes to your time, budget and pace, adding those secrets we discovered through years of explorations.

We specialise in active holiday and nature experiences, from safari, scuba diving, hiking, surfing and more.

Join us through one of our packages or plan your self drive trip with us, for a once in a lifetime experience in Southern Africa.



We plan together, you make your own trip arrangements.


This plan is ideal for the travellers who wants guidance in planning their trip but enjoys searching the web and exploring their options themselves.

Dont worry! We are here to advise and guide you through this, and will assist you with the fine details for trails, activities and attractions so that you don't miss a thing.




We plan together, based on your dreams and wishes, and then our specialised team will step in to put all the details together into a comprehensive plan. We will build your hotel reservation, safari, flights and transport arrangements over an electronic platform, so that you can view all the details and be involved in the selection process.


The extended plan allows you to relax while we use our experience and expertise and finding the right fit for your time, budget and preferences. 


Take a look into our itinerary program builder

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