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Tips for your trip

Here are some general tips about traveling in South Africa. Do you have more questions? Contact us, we would love to help!

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Personal Safety Sugestions

Some basic guidelines:
• It is better not to drive at night on intercity roads. Many dark roads, some in bad maintenance. Within the city, you can drive if you know where and how, and this varies from city to city and depends on where you are staying.
• Lock the car doors when driving.
• Be prudent when dealing with random people, be vigilant with cash, make sure that expensive equipment is not visible (in the car or in a pocket) and go to the nearest police station if something seems out of place.
• When withdrawing from ATMs - don't get help from anyone!!! Be focused on the action and pay attention to the conduct around you. If the card is lost or swallowed - cancel it immediately. If something or someone looks dubious or suspicious - go to the device somewhere else.
• And of course, keep the law. 


What about the weather?

South Africa is a huge country and the typical weather is different between different regions. Basically - summer and winter are opposite in Israel: May-August are the winter months, October-March are the summer months, and the transition seasons in between.

A coat at night and a short shirt during the day

In the east (Johannesburg, Kruger Park, Drakensberg Mountains) the winter is dry and without rain. The sky is blue, the days are beautiful and comfortable. The night is cold and most houses are not heated properly. The summer, on the other hand, is rainy and hot. The rain episodes are short and not oppressive. There is no reason to change plans because of rain. It is important to be alert for floods or extreme weather events, especially if you plan to stay in the area.

Four seasons in one day

In the west (Cape Town and through the gardens) it rains mainly in winter. The winter is cold and subject to strong winds. That doesn't mean it doesn't rain in the summer! Pay attention to the forecast when making plans and give priority to weather-dependent activities whenever possible - at Table Mountain, the cable car is closed when there are strong winds. Cape Town is known for its fickle weather. Be prepared with a raincoat even on a hot day, if the weather is good - don't sit in the hotel - go outside to take advantage of every moment.​


The SIM question

There are 4 cellular companies, their national distribution is quite comprehensive, except for isolated areas, including in Kruger Park (most of the roads in the park will not have reception, but in the camps there is). It is recommended to buy a Vodacome or MTN SIM card and load it with calls and data.

Where to buy: at every supermarket, some gas stations, and cell phone stores. For the purpose of registration, a passport and address are requested (a hotel reservation is sufficient) and a charge can be added later. The card is valid for two months and if it is not used it is automatically cancelled. The ticket itself is almost free. Surfing itself is relatively expensive.

E-sim works great in South Africa, and many customers prefer this convenient option. Please note that at least one device should be able to make calls in South Africa, for emergencies, for emergencies as well as day to day needs.

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