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Three Rondavles, Blyde River Canyon

The three Rondavles are Perhaps the most beautiful spot on the Panorama route, along the Blyde River Canyon, some say it is the best in the whole of South Africa! The cone shaped rock formation that reminds a traditional African hut gave the place it's local name.

The lookout towards the rondavels is not to be missed, but Instead of simply watching it from the popular view point, make your way into Forever Resort. Park your car safely and head on for a round trip. There is a network of trails, clearly marked. Choose your level or follow your time limitations. We took the 3 hour route from the top view point to the bottom view point and the restaurant, including a quick swim in the rock pools.

It will be nice if someone will bring the car to the bottom so that you don't have to climb all the way back to the top....

Quick Facts:

Swimming: yes!

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